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Dr. Ashwani Mehta MD, DM


Dr. Ashwani Mehta is one of top interventional cardiologist in India. Presently he is working as Senior Consultant at Sir Ganaga Ram Hospital with more than
20 years of experience in treating patients.

He is a comprehensive cardiologist not only practicising clinical cardiology but also Non invasive and Invasive cardiology .

He combines the latest innovations in medical electronics with unmatched expertise to manage cardiac patients.

He has a large number of coronary interventions including complex coronary angioplasties and a large number of device implants including all types of pacemakers and aicd devices.

Large number of acaedemic papers have been presented by him at various national and international conferences.

He provided all the cardiology logistic support for the first Heart Trans Plant of Northern India at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

He has been part of large number of trials including some path breaking trials in congestive heart failure .and in acute coronary syndrome.

Some pioneering work has also been done by him in injecting stem cells in patients of congestive heart failure patients. A pilot project is being undertaken for stem cell injection in patients with severe LV Dysfunction.

He is also actively involved in teaching of the various sub Speciality student's .A number of studies and thesis have been done under his guidance by post graduate and super speciality students 



INTERVENTION CARDIOLOGY - He has done large number of complex angioplasties ,which include a large number of primary angioplasties over last 18 years 


He has active interests in the following areas 

STEM CELLS- Submitted a proposal for a pilot study Inj of Stem cells via intra myo cardial route in patients of dilated cardio myopathy. Delivered many lectures on role of stem cells in cardiomyopathies and also in acute coronary syndromes

PREVENTIVE CARDIOLOGY-Utilizing indigenous system of medicine as a partner in promoting preventive cardiology strategies in INDIA utilizing the locally available resources.

HEART TRANSPLANT PROGRAMME- Provided Complete Cardiac support during and after the cardiac transplant .Involved in planning and carrying out 1st Cardiac transplant in the private sector in northern India. Actively involved in post cardiac transplant management such as conducting end myocardial biopsies.

PUBLIC AWARENESS LECTURES- For prevention of impending epidemic of Coronary artery disease in Indians at various forums such as India International Centre, IHC , etc taking the message of prevention to the masses.